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Management Structure of RotaCare Bay Area

RBA Leadership

RotaCare Bay Area, Inc. (RotaCare) currently provides consistent, caring service and support for each of our twelve free clinics in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and San Joaquin counties with 95% volunteer staff. Our team brings centralized oversight and support in the form of best practices and quality care for all of our clinics. To provide the best patient care possible RotaCare adheres to the following three major goals:

  • To support and sustain quality patient care in keeping with our mission to provide free medical care for those who have the greatest need and the least access.
  • To support our volunteers at our clinics.
  • To continually improve and expand capacity and services at our clinics to meet the changing needs of our patients.

Our Administrative Team


Jatinderpal (JP) Kaur Sahi
Chief Operating Officer


Shiloh Kaho
Development Director


Antoinette Lopez
Business Manager

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Our Board of Directors

RotaCare’s Board of Directors is made up of Rotarians, community activists, clinic administrators and medical professionals. Our Board of Directors is directly responsible to state licensing agencies for the provision of quality medical care and provides legal governance for the clinics. Additionally, each RotaCare clinic has an Advisory Councils that supports the clinic's efforts and is accountable to the RotaCare Bay Area, Inc. Board of Directors.

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Quarterly Newsletter

In our last newsletter, we published a survey called “Tell us about your experience at RotaCare Bay Area, Inc. free medical clinics?” To our delight many of you provided valuable feedback.It's our pleasure to inform you that 27% of respondents would promote RotaCare to others, and the remaining 73% of respondents would strongly promote us.

The respondents were 100% RotaCare volunters, with our largest number of respondents hailing from our Coastside clinic in Half Moon Bay. Thank you for your feedback! We also received many wonderful testimonials from the survey.  Here are a few

“My time spent as a volunteer seeing patients in our local RotaCare clinic is amongst the most rewarding ways I can give back to my community.” – Brigid Voss, RN

“RotaCare is critical to ensuring the health and wellness of those in the community who need it most! I’m honored and proud to support this organization.” – Christine Angeles

“I have volunteered with RotaCare for almost a year, so I have seen first hand, the good care provided. Our clients are so thankful, and it is so rewarding to be helping these marginalized folks. Thank you, RotaCare!” – Kailin Chou

“RotaCare provides top level/innovative/interactive/team centered medical care with new management and medical direction.” – Candace Roney, Advisory Council Chair San Jose Clinic

We have been busy this summer assessing the health needs of many Bay Area and surrounding communities. Our needs assessments show there is still an issue of access and one of delivery of healthcare within many communities.  The main issue to healthcare access is the medical insurance payment model and its costs. Many do not qualify for coverage through the Affordable Care Act, even with its subsidies. Increases in premiums and deductibles make insurance even less affordable. There has been a 4% increase in premiums in 2016 and a projected 13% increase for 2017. In the Bay Area counties, there is more than half a million uninsured according to a research study we commissioned in 2015.

Additionally, there is also still an issue of delivery of healthcare in the government clinics with long wait times ranging from 1 to 12 days to see a doctor. Can you imagine suffering for nearly two weeks because you can’t get an appointment in a timely manner?

At RotaCare Bay Area we work to make health care accessible, and strive to provide all of our patients with prompt, caring and quality services to promote both patient and community health. We are the “Safety Net for the Safety Net” meeting the healthcare needs of the most vulnerable within our service areas.

In addition to our research, we would also like to tell you about our patients. Some of our successes are truly heartwarming. Here are two patients we were able to help that would not have had timely access to healthcare without our services.

During this quarter, we helped a patient at our Coastside Clinic by diagnosing him with Parkinson’s early on. This degenerative disease would have progressed unchecked, as the patient had no alternative medical options.

At our Pittsburg Clinic, one of our providers helped a 70-year-old man to see for the first time in his life.

None of this happens without our wonderful volunteers. While on the subject of volunteers,We'd like to introduce you to our longest serving volunteer, who is working on his 28th volunteer year – Mr. John Fisher.

John is one of our co-founders and volunteers every week at the Santa Cruz clinic. You can probably count on one hand the number of times he has missed a clinic night in all those years. RotaCare Bay Area, Inc. salutes John Fisher!

While we are really good at mobilizing volunteers to provide medical care to those in need, many more people in the Bay Area still need our help. We are working to expand our locations, services and hours to reach them. Our new clinic in Stockton is expected to open this winter and will kick off our efforts to reach more people in more communities without access to quality health care.

This lack of options for so many in our communities is unacceptable and why we need your generous support. Please help us care for more people with issues like Parkinson’s and sightlessness by either donating or signing up to volunteer.

You can make a one-time donation in any amount or set up a recurring contribution. If your employer provides a matching donation benefit, we are happy to help you process it as well. We are always on the lookout for new volunteers and sign up is easy.We thank you for your support!

Best wishes,

RotaCare Board and Staff