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Management Structure of RotaCare Bay Area

RBA Leadership

RotaCare Bay Area, Inc. (RotaCare) currently provides consistent, caring service and support for each of our twelve free clinics in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and San Joaquin counties with 95% volunteer staff. Our team brings centralized oversight and support in the form of best practices and quality care for all of our clinics. To provide the best patient care possible RotaCare adheres to the following three major goals:

  • To support and sustain quality patient care in keeping with our mission to provide free medical care for those who have the greatest need and the least access.
  • To support our volunteers at our clinics.
  • To continually improve and expand capacity and services at our clinics to meet the changing needs of our patients.


Our Board of Directors

RotaCare’s Board of Directors is made up of Rotarians, community activists, clinic administrators and medical professionals. Our Board of Directors is directly responsible to state licensing agencies for the provision of quality medical care and provides legal governance for the clinics. Additionally, each RotaCare clinic has an Advisory Councils that supports the clinic's efforts and is accountable to the RotaCare Bay Area, Inc. Board of Directors.

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Our Administrative Team


Jatinderpal (JP) Kaur Sahi
Chief Executive Officer


Shiloh Kaho
Development Director


Antoinette Lopez
Business Manager

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Quarterly Newsletter

Taking RotaCare Free Clinics to the next level with our physicians……

Greetings from our CEO!


As many of you may know, all of the RotaCare Bay Area clinics will be moving towards an electronic health record by the end of this calendar year. 
There are many benefits to the clinics using an electronic system. First of all, the system will include a patient management system, patient record system and a patient portal.  Patients will have access to their medical records.  They will also be able to communicate with the clinics electronically.  For RotaCare, the system will allow to generate reports for quality measures.  The clinics will have the ability to collect reliable key performance indicators.  However, implementing an electronic system can be challenging for a clinic that is dependent on volunteers.

With that, I want to take a moment to commend RBA’s entire clinic Medical Directors and physician group.  In addition to volunteering their time as physicians in the clinics, they also lead the clinic volunteers and assist the Clinic Operations Managers on many levels.  Without Clinic Medical Directors, this project would have never taken off. 

It’s unfortunate but true: In today’s hectic world, we don’t always say “thank you” enough. But as key players in each of our clinics, it is important for me to acknowledge that RBA’s mission would be much harder to achieve without the time and energy of our volunteers.

To each of our volunteers, I say a heartfelt thank you for your service, empathy and compassion — and for your selfless dedication to our patients and our mission.

Jatinderpal (JP) Kaur Sahi, MS, MBA
Chief Executive Officer