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From our Clinic Volunteers

“My time spent as a volunteer seeing patients in our local RotaCare clinic is amongst the most rewarding ways I can give back to my community.” – Brigid Voss, RN

“RotaCare is critical to ensuring the health and wellness of those in the community who need it most! I’m honored and proud to support this organization.” – Christine Angeles

“I have volunteered with RotaCare for almost a year so I have seen first hand, the good care provided. Our clients are so thankful, and it is so rewarding to be helping these marginalized folks. Thank you RotaCare!” – Kailin Chou

“RotaCare provides top level/innovative/interactive/team centered medical care with new management and medical direction.” – Candace Roney, Advisory Council Chair San Jose Clinic

From a Mountain View Clinic Supporter

“Just a note to thank the many volunteers, physicians, nurses, medical providers, Rotarians for the work they do at the RotaCare Free Medical Clinics.  They are invaluable and still desperately needed”

ROTAFACT: Despite the passage of the affordable care act many health care providers are overwhelmed with patients. Those patients are left the ability to access primary care services, as many Bay Area counties do not have a health safety net to redirect them to a county clinic for medical care

…“People are frightened and have no options for medical care but to go to the hospital emergency room for medical care.”…

ROTAFACT: RotaCare Bay Area provides free medical care at a low average operating cost of just $75 per clinic exam in comparison to the $2,000 average cost for an ER visit.  

…“I heard about RotaCare from a neighbor who had been laid off from her engineering job. She was uninsured and was a patient at a local RotaCare Free Medical Clinic. I have referred countless people to RotaCare, including those whose employers don't provide them with health insurance.”

“Rota-Care is still desperately needed and I am sorry that the Mountain View Clinic will be closing. I heard that the El Camino Hospital District is referring patients to the Mayview Federally Qualified Health Facility in Mountain View.  Both the RotaCare Mountain View and Mayview Clinics are needed. The need for medical care is still that great.”

Thank you again for all you do to help those patients in need of quality medical care.

Grace Bennett
Silicon Valley, CA

From the Mountain View Clinic Medical Director

"It’s Wednesday afternoon and I'm running late, as usual. This is the third Wednesday of the month and I’m watching the clock a bit more closely because I know my day is not over after Mrs. Jones comes in for her 5:15 pm appointment to check her blood pressure. The 3rd Wednesday is RotaCare night, meaning I need to press myself a little harder to finish my end-of-the-day tasks so I can get over to my “second job."

During my 20-minute drive to Mountain View I wonder if I have the energy to see more patients today. It’s been a hard week so far, and I’m sensing my typical "running on empty" feeling with regard to medical decision making; the feeling I usually get at this time of day. The traffic was light, however, and as I pull into the parking lot on the El Camino Hospital grounds I once again notice that slight up-tick in energy I associate with coming to volunteer here. Walking down to the basement level, I remember the various physical spaces we had occupied before, thankful for our larger and (hopefully) permanent home here underneath the YMCA. Gaining momentum I glide through the doors only to be greeted by Nidia, Martha and Glenda, whose smiles don’t necessarily contradict their “time to get to work” body language, ushering me toward my assigned exam rooms for the evening. I receive an equally enthusiastic "hello" from Lou in pharmacy as I hand him two cases of diabetes medicines I recently scored from the sales reps for the benefit of our patients. The gratifying hug from Cheryl, RotaCare’s supreme coordinator, quickly melds into a few moments discussing tricky patient issues that came up since last time we spoke on the phone.

Well, as usual, I’m spiritually and physically being refueled by this place, and with the other volunteers already at full throttle, I dive into to see my "first patient of the day." The stories are familiar, yet unique. These patients come to us because they have no other way to get healthcare. We treat them for acute problems such as back pain and bronchitis, and we manage and follow their chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension. It is even more satisfying knowing that our patients will leave RotaCare tonight with their medications in hand; no need to struggle with the wearying financial conflict of medication vs. groceries. Though our budget is modest, we do provide medical care that is the quality standard of the community. Over the years we have been “in business” we have indeed slowly expanded our scope of service, a point of pride, while at the same time a frustrating transparency through which we see ever more needs still unmet in our society.

My last RotaCare patient of the day departed, I smile with familiarity on the emotional renewal I have again enjoyed, juxtaposing poignantly with my physical depletion – a very long day. Sitting down belatedly for some dinner (donated by local restaurants) I realize that we all came to RotaCare tonight because we believe we are making a difference. We will all come back again next time because we want to keep making that difference."

Dr. David Quincy
RotaCare Clinic Medical Director and Clinic Volunteer


From a Patient

"I am fifty-two years old and all my life I have had health insurance coverage until this year. So, when I injured my shoulder I had nowhere to go for medical care or relief for my pain. I found myself under constant physical pain and stress from the injury with no hope of treatment. I had no idea what I was going to do to get medical treatment. All I knew was I couldn't live with the pain another day. I was told about a clinic called, "RotaCare" that provided free services for people that had no health insurance. I put all my hopes into this one organization because I needed to find a place that would give me medical treatment and accept me as their patient.

I made that call to RotaCare in April of this year and I was treated with the best professional care I could have dreamed possible. The clinic aided me with finding other doctors and services to help me heal my injury. Without the [volunteers] and doctors at the clinic to support and care for my injury I have no idea what state I would be in today. Because of the [RotaCare] Clinic I have almost returned to the full use of my arm/shoulder. I am most grateful for their professional medical skills, knowledge, and services.

I never imagined my future without health insurance, yet here I am today not able to get care if I were to need it now or in the near future. I and others like myself cannot survive any illness or suffering due to health problems in our future without the caring support that RotaCare has provided. You see we have nowhere else to go; we are the uninsured. I cannot imagine how many others before me have found themselves without the basic health insurance and in need of places just like the RotaCare Clinic."

Donna Santistevan
Voices without health insurance