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Pittsburg Clinic

We serve adults 18 years and older who have no health insurance.

Clinic Hours: Wednesday evenings 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. The 2nd and 4th Saturday mornings 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
*Patients will be seen by appointment only.

Clinic Location: St. Vincent de Paul of Contra Costa County, 2210 Gladstone Drive, Pittsburg, CA 94565

Patient Information Line: (925) 439-2009

To make an appointment: Patients must call (925) 439-2009 on Wednesdays between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. for either a same-day appointment or a Saturday appointment.

Clinic Operations Manager: Drea Riquelme
Email: pittsburg@rotacarebayarea.org
For volunteer inquiries, please email: pittsburg@rotacarebayarea.org

Clinic Nurse Coordinator: Pam Torres
Email: coordinator.pittsburg@rotacarebayarea.org

Medical Director: Hamid Khonsari, MD

This RotaCare site will provide:

  • Diabetes, asthma, hypertension
  • Cough, cold, and/or sore throat
  • Minor laceration repair, wound care
  • Allergies or Sinusitis
  • Ear infections and stomach aches
  • Sprains and muscle strains
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Headache/backache
  • Rashes, poison oak, minor skin infections and burns
  • Flu immunization (November - April)
  • Health education for diabetes, hypertension, and nutrition

*we do not offer women's health services


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Quarterly Newsletter


This is a success story, not a story of woe!

Written by, Pam Torres, Clinic Nurse Coordinator

A recent patient reninds us of how important it is to remain hopeful in order to triumph over illness and the barriers to sucess we all experience in life.  While we gave her the tools,t she did the work to become an advocate of her own health and wellness.  We here at the RotaCare Pittsburg clinic extend our warmest wishes and pride for the achievement that our patient "Lilia" has made.

Lilia came to us about two years ago for shortness of breath and multiple aches and pains.  Her pain was consistently above a moderate level and her initial lab work revealed fatty liver disease.  Lilia was over 200 pounds and just above five feet tall. As a loving mother of three Lilia decided to take action for herself, her children, and her husband.  At the clinic she received health and lifestyle education as well as signing up for our free bilingual cooking class.  This class is provided in a partnership with 18 Reasons, which is a program based out of San Francisco that trains and sends out volunteers all over the Bay Area to teach hands on cooking skills, nutrition information, meal planning, and grocery shopping. 
Over the course of the six week cooking class she lost 5 pounds; that was February 2015.  As of January this year she has lost more than 50 pounds, her blood work is all normal, and she is pain free; all with no pharmaceutical interventions.

We were so impressed with the hard work Lilia has produced that we presented her with a certificate of achievement and a fitbit styled pedometer/watch.  In turn Lilia sat down with the Nurse Manger and Operations Manager to share her experience and we sincerely thank her for this.

After learning about her lab work Lilia became inspired to make some big changes along with the motivation and support from her family.  She is now currently one year soda free! She states that anyone can do it, just make the choice.  She also sadly states how unfortunate it is that most people wait until something bad happens to make life changes.  The effort is a choice that you make over and over again.  The hardest part was leaving behind the foods that she loved like quesadillas.  The reward for these choices is even better though.  “The best part is how I feel! Being able to wear clothes that fit and fit well” she says bashfully.  She also states that since she made that choice she hasn’t looked back.  Sometimes she gets discouraged and then she looks at a before and after photo that she carries around with her and she has the confidence to keep going.  Seeing how far she has come Lilia has been encouraging others to make changes.  Next session of the cooking class Lilia will be bringing three others that have been inspired by her progress.
Lilia states that before she came here that was her old life, and now she is on a new chapter in her life.  This chapter includes healthy eating, Zumba, and exercising five times a week.  One thread that continues through our conversation is that health is a choice, and step by step anyone can do it. 

On a personal note I found Lilia’s story very inspirational.  As a nurse and healthcare worker the caretaker role often takes over and we end up neglecting ourselves.  Lilia is right though, it’s a choice and anyone can make it.  We hope that her story of success reaches others in this community and inspires more positive changes.


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