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Richmond Clinic

Will serve both adults and children who have no health insurance.

Clinic Hours: Tuesday evenings from 5:30p.m. to 7:30 p.m and the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month beginning January 30th. Patients will be seen by appointment only.

Clinic Location: Family Justice Center - West
256 24th Street, Richmond, CA 94804

For appointments and other questions please call, text or leave a message at : (510) 213-6678 on Tuesday's between 10-3p.m.

Clinic Operations Manager: Christina Tejada
Email: richmondclinic@rotacarebayarea.org

Fax: (510) 974-7204

For volunteer inquiries, email: volunteer.richmond@rotacarebayarea.org

Medical Director (Adult Care): Anthony Somkin, MD
Medical Director (Pediatric Care): Francine Jolton, MD

Advisory Council Chair: Pate Thomson, MD

This RotaCare site will provide:

  • Urgent care services for Adults and Children
  • Diagnostic testing services
  • Physicals to help patients with employment, school & daycare admissions, and sports
  • Referrals to community resources, social service resources, and health-related needs
  • One-to-One classes for Diabetics
  • Spanish-speaking interpreters

*we do not offer women's health services

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Quarterly Newsletter


Volunteer Pratima Dulal

Going the Extra Mile at RotaCare Richmond
We have been so blessed to have Pratima Dulal such a great volunteer with us. She has joined in September 2017 as a volunteer and interpreter and helping us at the front desk. Then she was quickly promoted to scribe and has been doing both ever since.

Her greatest moment was when she was working with Dr. Thomson and got one of our complex cases out to an emergency clinic. Due to the patient’s cultural beliefs, it was difficult to find the patient transportation and convince patient to go to the hospital alone.

Pratima was speaking to them in Nepali and explaining how detrimental the situation really was if not seek help immediately. Because of her warm gesture, we finally convinced patient to go to emergency; we all ended in tears and in warm hugs. Pratima is now getting her Bachelor’s in nursing at San Francisco State University.

We are so proud of her and we thank her for donating her free time at our clinic for great cause.  


Patient Sharda Parajuli

Sharda came to us as a patient with an extraordinary history. She was a victim of Polio in Nepal, and a cultural disgrace to her family. Soon she would be rescued, put into school, undergo surgery, and now, studying Master in Business Administration at Lincoln University in Oakland, California.
A student life requires a lot of walking, something that Sharda has struggled with her whole life. She presented to us with extensive infected blister down to her legs which was caused by her thirteen-year-old and warn out her leg braces.

Dr. Pate Thomson and Marie Ward, RN, who is the wound specialist, together healed Sharda’s wounds, and took the initiative to find her a reduced-price leg brace fitting on their spare time. In addition to it, Dr. Pate Thomson and Marie Ward, RN have raised $1800 in donations; one donor was the famous Rita Moreno, who donated her book signing to this cause! RotaCare Richmond has even worked to improve her transportation through the East Bay Para-Transit system. We are now waiting for the leg braces to be finished and delivered.
What a wonderful story and what an honor to play an important role in our patient’s life.

We are so proud of Dr. Thomson and Marie Ward. Thank you, Volunteers!



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