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San Jose Clinic

Free Clinic is Wednesday 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Please call (408) 715-3088 to obtain information.

Sign-up Instructions: Our clinic does not take any appointments over the phone. Patients need to come to the School Health Clinic on Wednesday morning and get in line, in order to get a ticket for that evening's clinic. The tickets are handed out by a RotaCare volunteer, usually at about 7:00 a.m. The number of available tickets will vary, depending on how many volunteers are working on that given day, but it usually ranges from about 24 to 32 tickets. Patients who receive a ticket will then need to return to the clinic at 5:00 p.m. to be seen by the Medical Provider.
If you were unable to line up early to get a ticket, you may still stop by the clinic during the day on any Wednesday to see if tickets are still available for that evening’s clinic.  We post a sign on the fence outside the School Health clinic indicating whether or not tickets are available.  If they are, you may go inside and ask for one. 

Please note: that we do not prescribe narcotics for chronic use, and we do not store any narcotics at our clinic.  Also, we are unable to perform examinations to determine disability or to complete disability forms.

Washington School

100 Oak Street
San Jose, CA 95110

(We are located in the School Health Clinic which is actually on Edwards St. behind the school;  see the map at right)

Clinic Operations Manager: Felicia Barkley (408) 715-3088
Medical Director: Roger Lake, MD

  • Minor illnesses/injuries
  • Chronic condition management
  • Physical Exams
  • Gynecological
  • Referral services as needed
  • Spanish speaking interpreters



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Quarterly Newsletter

Medical Director: Roger Lake, MD

A patient story from a physician's perspective!

Too Much Water

One day, while reviewing lab work from the clinic, I came across two patients from India, a husband and wife in their 60’s, who both had serum identical sodium levels of 127 (normal 135-146).  Most patients who have lab work done will have a sodium level measured, as part of routine electrolyte panels.  However, in the eight years that I have been reviewing lab tests at RotaCare, I have never seen sodium levels this low.  I was very concerned, since low sodium levels can cause seizures and even death.  I even called the Highland Hospital emergency room (since the patients live in Alameda County) to speak to a doctor there about the possibility of asking the patients to go there immediately, but we have decided that it would not be necessary.  We were both mystified by the fact that both patients had identically low levels. 

When I called the patients and spoke to their son, I discovered that they, like some other people, believed that it was very important to drink a lot of water.  I think that they were each consuming as much as 8 liters per day.  Each of them also taking a mild diuretic for blood pressure that can sometimes cause a slight reduction in sodium.  I asked them to stop taking the diuretics and to reduce their water intake to approximately match their urine output.  Within two weeks, their serum sodium levels were back in the normal range.

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